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tp jon photoHi there, I'm Jon, I often enjoy catching up with old school friends over dinner. Usually it's a big dent in my wallet, especially with the "one drink" after.

One evening though it was quite the opposite, as one of my friends brought up the topic of matched betting.

I had only placed a few sports bets before but I thought heck it's worth a try. I needed the extra money. Beer doesn't grow on trees after all. With some help from my friend, I started making good money from matched betting.

Why did you set up Team Profit? Telling other friends individually was getting, in all honesty, pretty tiring. I have a background in web design (in a cool way, I promise) so I decided to set up this here website to help people learn and profit from matched betting too!

What is your most financially savvy decision? Someone once stole all my bank cards, but I didn't report it. The thief spends less than my wife.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? I try and keep life as varied as possible, but some things I keep the same; seeing friends, playing tennis, trimming my beard and of course, making money matched betting.

Sarah helps out with a range of content areas, such as videos, email and testing the website. She loves doing anything that she can to help with Team Profit.

In the (hopefully) unlikely event of there being an issue with the Team Profit site, please get in touch and Sarah will investigate and solve it like a young, female, Sherlock Holmes. She makes sure everything runs like clockwork.

Our members are by far and away the most important part of the Team Profit team. Without them we'd just be another site wasting time, clogging up the internet.

But with them we are a platform for good, helping people realise the value of matched betting. Allowing members to then share it with their friends and family (improving their street cred even more).

Team Profit Jon

OUR TARGET is to put £1,500,000 into people's pockets by teaching at least 3,000 people how to profit from online bookmakers in 2017.

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How do we make money if we're completely free?

If I got £1 every time I got asked this question (mainly by my wife), then I'd be a very rich man and this question would no longer be necessary!

The key thing to remember is that every feature and service on Team Profit is, and will always remain, completely free. If you're interested to learn about the ways Team Profit makes money then please take a read of this article, How Team Profit Makes Money