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intro jon circle yellowIntroduction


  • What is an Online Bingo Welcome Offer?

    Don't worry guys and girls, you won't need to head down to your local bingo hall and hang out with the OAPs to take advantage of bingo offers. You can now 'enjoy' bingo from the comfort of your own home and following this guide you'll be able to play it whilst making a cash profit.

    The value from these bingo matched betting offers come from a kind of loophole when it comes to their bonus terms and conditions - which we'll get to a little later.

  • Example Bingo Welcome Offer

    Deposit £10 and get a 400% bonus - this simply means you will deposit £10 into the bingo room and then they'll instantly add £40 of free bets into your account. The free bets will then have wagering requirements of around 3-5x.

    Other bingo welcome offers have the same format, the difference will be the percentage multiplier for the free bet sum.

  • Hourly Rate

    £40 per hour.

    These 4 bingo matched betting welcome offers will take around 30 minutes to complete each (including registration etc). Their expected value is £20 each - but there is no guarantee.


intro jon circle yellowYour Profit Summary


  • Loophole explained

    The offers are bet £x and get £y free to play with (similar to sports betting offers). The funds are then split into 'cash balance' and 'free bets balance'.

    The cash balance is used first when we start buying bingo cards and once that has been spent, the bonus balance is then used.

    Now, if we buy enough bingo cards in our first round of bingo games with the bingo room (before we get any prize returned from any of them) then it considers it all to have originated from the cash balance and so any winnings are returned as withdrawable cash (without the wagering requirements that the bonus balance comes with).

  • Calculations

    Deposit £10 and get a 400% bonus (£40 in free bets)

    This means we have £10 in cash and £40 in free bets, if we bet all £50 in one go against a 40% edge we can expect to lose, £50 x 0.4 = £20 in the process. So from the £50 we get £30 from an initial deposit of £10. PROFIT!

intro jon circle yellowHow to complete offers


Step by step
  1. Sign up and Opt in (accept) the bonus
  2. Spend the money in your account (cash balance and bonus balance) as quickly as possible. It doesn't matter if you buy tickets for different bingo games
  3. Once you get any winnings from any of the tickets you have bought, you will need to stop buying any more tickets. It doesn't matter if you have a few pounds left in your account.
  4. Then any money we win from the bingo cards that we have bought will go to our cash balance and can be withdrawn instantly.


Deposit £30 Get £90 Free
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Deposit £10 Get £30 Free
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Deposit £10 Get £30 Free
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Deposit £10 Get £50 Free
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Important - This is NOT risk-free!

The loophole strategy discussed above is not risk free - however, the expected value means its worth doing. Bingo has a 40% edge, so for every £1 spent we can expect to lose 40p, in the long run. There is of course an equal chance that you'll lose less than 40p for every pound and lose more.