Mug Betting - Avoid Being Gubbed

A common question for new members is 'would the bookmaker close my accounts if I only bet when they offer a bonus?'

After 1-2 months? Yes, some will. Fortunately though, mug betting is an easy way around this!

A 'Mug' customer is your typical losing sportbook customer. They typically:

  1. Bet on the Premier League - mostly on the favourites
  2. Bet on football accumulators (accas)
  3. Bet on major sporting events
  4. Bets will vary in size

So our easy way around this is like a mug!

Mug betting has been working for literally years without bookmakers realising you are actually a savvy customer.

For every welcome offer and daily offer we take (which always make at least £5 in profit), we will place a 'mug' bet with the same bookmaker, which we lay off in the exchange (which will cost us only pennies). 

Mug Betting After Completing Your Welcome Bonus

Refer to the table below for a list of  bookmakers that provide Daily Offers, these are the bookmakers you will keep active:

Good Daily Offers (Mug Bet!)
188 Bet
Bet Victor
Paddy Power
Stan James
William Hill
No Daily Offers

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Efficient Approach To Mug Betting

I recommend when you take up a daily offer with a bookmaker, simply place a couple of mugs bets at the same time.

Mug Bets include:

Bet on the Premier League - mostly on the favourites

Look for any Premier League matches that have 1.7 or lower back odds.

Bet on football accumulators (accas)

Place a 25p - £1 football accumulator on 3-4 matches. Given the small size of the bet, there is no need to lay off the bet. Over the long term these will only cost 5p - 20p given accas have an average payout of 80%.

Bet on major sporting events

Euro 2016, British Open Golf, Wimbledon, these are major sporting events that mugs will bet on so if you spot these in the betFinder, you can include these as mug bets.

Bets will vary in size

When placing these mug bets, place them between £5 to £20.

Mug Betting - Additional Advice For Daily Offers

Once you have completed the Welcome Offers and have moved onto the Daily Offers, you continue to follow the above efficient approach to mug betting for your daily offers i.e. if you took a daily offer in the previous week, then place your 2-3 bets for this weekend's football.

Additional advice:

  1. Do not always take the Daily Offers (skip 1 in every 5 offers that a bookmaker offers)
  2. Do not always take maximum value of every Daily Offer. For example, if the offer is 'Risk Free up to £25' then occasionally only bet £15 to take up £15 of the value. Also, do not always bet on low odds for the Trigger Bet, then high odds for the Free Bet. Place the Free Bet on low odds occasionally.
  3. Carry out your mug betting on the Daily Offer sport i.e. if you are taking tennis Daily Offers, mug bet on tennis ; if you are taking football in play Daily Offers, mug bet in play.

The above 3 additional tips will help ensure your bookmaker accounts always stay open when completing daily offers.

Note - This will mean you are often spending more time placing mug bets as completing the Daily Offers. This is perfectly normal and adviseable. You will still be making over £500 risk free per month!

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