Sports Daily Offers

What are Sports Daily Offers?

Sports Daily Offers are similar (but slightly less generous) to bookmaker welcome offers, but instead of being for new customers only, daily offers are for all customers that have an account with the bookmaker. Looking back at the purpose of bookmaker welcome offers, they're to attract new customers to try out their sportsbetting client. The purpose now of daily offers is to keep customers playing with the bookmaker.

Some come in the standard 'Bet X Get Y' format (usually for certain football matches) and then there are refund daily offers whereby a certain event needs to occur within a match for a free bet to be triggered.

Hourly Rate

£25 an hour.

When to do them

There's roughly 2 hours worth of offers to take advantage of each week, which will work out at about £50/week profit. So depending on your target profit and time available each month as to how much time you set aside.

To know when and where the offers are, Oddsmonkey provide a fantastic weekly offers calendar - which is updated real time.

Your Profit Explained


We use the exact same principle as we do when completing the welcome offers - place a risk free bet on the match to trigger the free bet, which we then profit from. The only difference being that these offers aren't all risk-free, as it could be the case that the event within the match does not occur, so it is important to detect when these refund offers are profitable or not.


So, Boylesports are offering a free bet of your stake (up to £25), refunded if your bet loses AND the crossbar is hit at any point during the game. They run it for every televised Premier League game. Things you need to bear in mind:

  • Chances of the crossbar being hit in any game = around 1 in 3
  • £25 Free Bet value = around £18
  • The trigger bet qualifying loss

So for this to be profitable we need the expected cash from the free bet to be more than we lose in qualifying losses.

If we're expected to win £18 from the free bet 1 in 3 games, the expected value of this offer is £6. So as long as the qualifying loss is less than £6 we should expect to make money from these offers.

Being on televised premier league matches we can expect a qualifying loss of around £1, so it's definitely a profitable offer to do!