2 x £15 Refund

Matchbook is one of the leading Betting Exchanges in the UK. We will be posting a full review shortly, for now though enjoy their 2 x £15 Refund Welcome Offer.

To complete their Welcome Offer, place a £15 back bet on Matchbook and a £15 lay bet on Matchbook and receive a £15 bonus if either bet loses (or £30 bonus if both lose!).

Each £15 bonus comes with a 5x wagering requirement (£75), though this is easy to meet by simply using Matchbook rather than Betfair Exchange for your lay bets when completing Welcome Offers or Daily Offers until you reach the £75 wagering requirement.

September 2016 Update: For those signing up from 21st September 2016 onwards, Matchbook have changed their sign up offer to a £50 cashback offer.

Terms: Click here (then click on the 'Terms' on the bottom left of main image)

In summary, you receive your exchange commission refunded up to £50 for your first 5 weeks. This paid in increments of £5 for every £5 commission paid. On Matchbook you pay 1.15% commission on both winning and losing bets, so you need to add in 1.15% as both the back and lay commission in the Calculator. I will write a more comprehensive guide in the coming weeks once members who signed up to Matchbook before 21st September have completed the offer.

For the £50 cashback offer, it will be worth completing if you are willing to spread your exchange funds across Matchbook (as well as Betfair and/or Smarkets and/or BetDaq). Then anytime the OddsMonkey OddsMatcher shows rating with Matchbook that is equal or higher than the other exchanges, then it is worth using Matchbook to place your lay bet as you will receive the commission back.

2 x £15 Refund Summary

  • Trigger Bet: 1 x £15 back bet and 1 x £15 lay bet
  • £15 Trigger Back Bet Maximum Odds: 2.5
  • £15 Trigger Lay Bet Minimum Odds: 1.67
  • Bonus: up to £30
  • Bonus Wagering Requirement: 5x bonus  (£15 bonus = £75 wagering ; £30 bous = £150 wagering)
  • Profit: up to £30
  • Full terms: Click here

Sign Up To Matchbook

Sign up to Matchbook and deposit £30 to receive the 2 x £15 Refund offer. Also sign up to Betfair (if you do not yet have a Betfair account) using the below links:

Sign Up To Matchbook
Sign Up To Betfair

(If the link doesn't open, disable your ad-blocker)

ps. Please use the Matchbook and Betfair link - find out why here.

video image= Video Guide Clip

    Note your £15 back bet and £15 lay bet must be placed before you can receive a £15 bonus for either. So it is best to place both your £15 back bet and £15 lay bet at the same time.

    Let's first place our £15 trigger back bet as usual, by following Steps 1 to 3:

    £15 Trigger Back Bet 

  • Choose a popular league or cup on image

  • The higher odds you choose, the more likely your trigger will lose and so you will receive the bonus!

    However, the maximum odds are 2.5. This is unlike most refund offers where we can choose higher odds to have a 80%+ chance of losing our bet.

    £15 Trigger Bet Back Odds Betfair Liability % Chance of Losing (desirable)
    2.0 £18 50%
    2.5 £25 60%

    Matchbook will show decimal odds by default.

  • Check the Betfair Exchange lay odds and choose the team with the closest lay bet odds to the Matchbook image

    Ideally the chosen team should have the lay bet odds within 10% of Matchbook odds. For example, if your Matchbook odds are 2.5, aim for Betfair Exchange lay odds no higher than 2.75.


  • Enter your stake, back odds and lay odds into the Calculatorvideo image calculator

  • Place your £10 Smarkets betvideo image

  • Place your Betfair Exchange lay bet using the lay amount from Step 2 in Backer's Stakevideo image

£15 Trigger Lay Bet 

To place the £15 trigger lay bet on Matchbook, it is easiest to repeat Steps 1 to 3 above using your favourite bookmaker with a £15 trigger back bet.

Simply choose a popular league or cup on your favourite bookmaker and find a team with odds greater than 1.67, but as close to 1.67 as possible. Note you cannot bet on the same market as your back bet above.

As you are looking to lose a lay bet on Matchbook this time, the lower odds you choose, the more likely your trigger lay bet will lose and so you will receive the bonus! However, the minimum odds are 1.67. So again the highest chance of losing and receiving your £15 bonus is 60%.

£15 Trigger Bet Lay Odds Back Bet % Chance of Losing (desirable)
1.7 £15 60%
2.0 £15 50%

Then place both your bookmaker back bet and Matchbook exchange bet as £15. There is no need to use the Calculator as we want to place the Matchbook lay bet as exactly £15. This will give a small amount of variance based on the outcome of the match, but this will only be 10-30p.

Up to 2 x £15 bonus is added within 24 hours depending on if either or both of your back and lay bets lost.

Unlike most Welcome Offers, the £15 is a bonus and not a free bet. To withdraw the £15 bonus, you need to wager £75.

To do this, use Matchbook rather than Betfair Exchange when placing your next lay bets when completing Welcome Offers or Daily Offers.

Note Matchbook consider the wagering as the lower of your lay stake and liability.

Once you have placed £75 worth of lay bets, you will be able to withdraw the £15 bonus. So in effect once you have wagered £75, the £15 bonus can be withdrawn as £15 cash profit. Easy!

Congratulations - Up to £30 Profit Risk Free!

Easy money!

Mark the offer as complete and lets get cracking with the next offer.



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